Elections 2014

10151104_10200888110403853_1184114598_nA number of people involved in this grouping are standing for positions in the 2014 Revenue & Customs Group Executive Committee elections.

We are standing because change is needed. PCS members in HMRC are under attack from all angles, and we need a union that is willing to stand up and fight for our interests.

We are standing because we believe members should come first. PCS members dictate the direction and priorities of the union through annual delegate conferences. It is the duty of the GEC to carry out those resolutions in the following year, not to pick and choose what instructions suit them.

We are standing to make a difference. PCS needs a culture change where members feel empowered to take the initiative on campaigning, to dictate to their reps what needs doing and hold those in official positions to account. The GEC’s job is to support and engage with that culture, not try to suppress it.

We are a new grouping, and just finding our feet, but all of those standing have experience in the union as branch officials, activists, negotiators and on the GEC. We are confident, but not arrogant enough to think we know it all. We are united, but bound by principles rather than diktats. We will offer our full support to campaigns and action, but not be afraid to speak up when tactics need to change.

We would ask that if you agree with our message and what we’re trying to do, you vote for us and ask others to do the same:

Graham Allport, Colette Brough, Victoria Cuckson
Rebecca Girven, Ian Hough, Gerry Noble, Ian Pope, Gary Stein, Steve Ryan



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