Your Voice is not an electoral faction. That is, getting people elected to key positions and winning control of this or that committee is not our primary goal or the sum of our activity. We believe in a rank-and-file form of organisation wherein workers are confident of their own collective strength regardless of who is ‘in charge’ of the union.

However, we do recognise that challenging for leadership positions has its place in our organising activity, particularly while a militant, self-organised rank-and-file remains an aspiration rather than a reality. We therefore stand in elections to promote the different way of organising and doing things that we stand for.

We are standing because change is needed. PCS members in HMRC are under attack from all angles, and we need a union that is willing to stand up and fight for our interests.

We are standing because we believe members should come first. PCS members dictate the direction and priorities of the union through annual delegate conferences. It is the duty of the GEC to carry out those resolutions in the following year, not to pick and choose what instructions suit them.

We are standing to make a difference. PCS needs a culture change where members feel empowered to take the initiative on campaigning, to dictate to their reps what needs doing and hold those in official positions to account. The GEC’s job is to support and engage with that culture, not try to suppress it.

We are confident, but not arrogant enough to think we know it all. We are united, but bound by principles rather than diktats. We will offer our full support to campaigns and action, but not be afraid to speak up when tactics need to change.

You will be able to find out more about our election platform for 2015 in the near future.