Your Voice is a rank-and-file organisation run by and for members of the Public & Commercial Services Union in HM Revenue & Customs. We are a group of staff at the coal face trying to make things better than they are. The aims and principles by which we seek to do this are enshrined in our constitution.

We contest elected positions on the grounds that we want a Group Executive Committee that listens to and acts in the interests of its members. By the same token, gaining positions of power in the union is not the sole purpose of our grouping. Our organising strategy outlines what we aim to do on the ground in workplaces and PCS branches.

We come together because we share certain principles:

  • That a union should be run by and for its members
  • That the will of the membership, not of the officials, is sovereign
  • That we win through class struggle, not social partnership
  • That we win through direct action and campaigning, not talks alone

The purpose of this blog is to share news of our activities, to provide a platform for the opinions of those within the group, and to facilitate debates on the direction that the union and the union movement more broadly needs to be heading.

If you want to know more about what we do, then drop us a line. If you’re ready to take the plunge, you can join us by post or online.