Fighting union busting in HMRC

pcs-flag-2000x570At this point, PCS members should be well aware of the leaked paper from HMRC’s Executive Committee (ExCom) revealing their union busting plans.

It is fair to say that this is one of the worst attacks that our union has faced in recent memory. Not only is the department attempting to side-line PCS and disrupt our organising capacity, claiming to have already succeeded with ARC, it has engaged in talks with those attempting to set up a rival union. This is well within the union busting strategy, and such a union will only help to divide the workforce and weaken industrial action.

Members of Your Voice have been and will continue to be heavily involved in efforts to proactively organise against this attack. It is heartening that the GEC now appears to have heeded our previous call to build from the ground up. Reports of members’ meetings across the country voting to support the union against this attack and reinstate the overtime ban as a first step in fighting back are undoubtedly positive.

We can only hope that this trend will continue. The suspension of industrial action was a mistake, as before it was the failure to escalate the action short of a strike, and the long habit of keeping management’s confidence in negotiations and keeping members in the dark has undoubtedly weakened us. The current regrouping is an opportunity to recognise and rectify those mistakes.

We need to come out fighting, and to do that we need to at once be willing to stand together against the bosses and willing to openly and critically debate and evaluate whether the tactics we use work.

Solidarity to each and every one of our fellow workers in HMRC as we fight to smash the union busters!


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