Your Voice’s first AGM – Friday 18 July

Your Voice 1Your Voice, the new group for PCS members who want a rank-and-file led, fighting union in HMRC, is holding its first Annual General Meeting on Friday 18 July in Liverpool.

Your Voice emerged as a grouping earlier this year, as a challenge to the incumbent Left Unity faction. This followed a dismal year in which Conference policies were not followed and attacks by the employer were not effectively challenged while disillusionment among the wider membership grew. Our aim was to stop the rot, restore power to the membership and give the fight against cuts in HMRC a much needed boot up the arse.

With the Jobs & Staffing Campaign now finally underway, the coming year looks a lot better than the last. But we’re not ones for complacency, and there remains a need for greater organisation amongst the membership not only to assert our interests against the employer, but to hold the Group Executive Committee to account too. No genuinely democratic organisation should fear this intent.

If you’re not a member of Your Voice already, but have supported our aims and actions, then now is the time to get involved. Contact us for more information.

Transport will be arranged from Liverpool City Centre to the venue.

A pooled fare will operate, so please bring your receipts to the meeting.

Your Voice AGM – Friday 18 July, 2 til 6pm
The Stuart Pub, 76 Bedford Road, Walton, L5 4QX (map)


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