Leave banking scrapped as part of T&C attacks

hmrc-spending-review-cuts-370x229The latest heartless attack on HMRC staff’s dearly held terms and conditions has been announced today (15 April) by our employer.

They have decided following a year long review to withdraw the facility to bank leave with effect from 1 May. Any banked leave will have to be used on top of annual leave over the 5 years to 2019. They will not even allow conversion of banked leave to pay. This will impact on many staff who bank leave to keep when needed for caring responsibilities.

More than anything, it’s further proof that while we sit and do nothing the employer grows ever more confident. It looks like the threat from the Left Unity majority GEC of a Jobs and Staffing Campaign has not brought the employer to the table in any meaningful way.

So why aren’t members being listened to? Why hasn’t the conference instruction to ballot members with a recommendation to reject the new terms been followed, when this was the very thing that sparked the walk out when Francis Maude visited Coventry in 2012? When will our representatives challenge the very things members are prepared to take action over?

A final irony is that at the same time as this attack on leave and family friendly time off, the same employer along with our PCS negotiators are claiming an agreement on leave in PT Ops.


One thought on “Leave banking scrapped as part of T&C attacks

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