Our GEC must improve

By Gary Stein, standing for Assistant Group Secretary

1044042_4531211497894_1643143809_nThis year we have been faced with constant attacks on our working lives from an employer hell bent on implementing its cuts agenda and reducing staffing numbers by any means possible.

We have seen:

  • Plans implemented to close our enquiry centre network
  • A constant flow of office closures announcements
  • Job cutting tools such as PMS introduced
  • Imposed detrimental changes to terms & conditions
  • The quality of our jobs deteriorating drastically
  • Reduced flexibility & annual leave availability

In response to our employer’s relentless attacks our group executive has responded by continually referring to an ‘imminent’ Jobs & Staffing Campaign which would be all encompassing.

Despite these assurances the reality is that our members have seen a year of inactivity from our GEC. There has been no meaningful industrial response to our employers endless attacks and members have been left to suffer in the dark without proper instruction or guidance.

As a result members have lost faith in the current Group Executive Committee and have become disengaged with the group’s Jobs & Staffing Campaign.

The incoming GEC are going to have to work hard to regain members’ confidence. I believe this can be achieved by GEC members becoming more accountable and visible to our members. If elected I commit to:

  • Ensuring democratically set conference policy is adhered to
  • Voting in an independent & transparent manner
  • Attending regular members meetings in workplaces
  • Providing frequent negotiating updates & briefings
  • Being contactable to members when required.

One thought on “Our GEC must improve

  1. I will put my 2 pence into the hat. I am not a fan of PMR infact if you read my husting I call it “Pointless Meaningless Ritual” and that sums it up for not just the staff of HMRC but all of the Civil Service and NDPB’s that have adopted this tool in my view to sack staff on the cheap and become linked with performance pay and who knows what in the future.

    We all all know the score with the 2020 vision or work force change or whatever its now called. Fewer staff and worse terms for all.

    Now I am hard up and fed up with my employer. So I stand with 4TM which through me is standing in the GEC Elections and together with Independents we can call for a vote of no confidence in this PMR.

    I am not strike happy like the hard left but I thought the GEC and NEC would have called a strike over PMR.

    EASTER could have been the golden opportunity one day before easter and one day after. I think members aould have come out but the NEC and the GEC did not call this or any other date.

    So Vote for me 4TM and Independents if your serious about standing up for Membership.

    Also on a wider note for the NEC which I am standing for Vice President my position is clear. No to the Unite Merger/Taker.


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