By Gerry Noble, standing for Deputy Group Secretary

10151104_10200888110403853_1184114598_nIn ‘Laying Down the Gauntlet‘ reference was made to ‘right wing independents’ and ‘Left Unity’ Group candidates. I feel clarification is needed regarding this.

I would have hoped it goes without saying that neither of these terms used refer to all of those standing for the GEC or singles out any particular individual, but rather reiterates commonly used phrases used in previous years’ election campaigns – and possibly this year’s too! There are some extremely competent and capable candidates in both of these groupings, but these individuals are often stifled by the constraints of their factions or loyalties (this being evident in this years PMR debacle for example).

What I would do differently:

  • I would pursue conference policy vigorously. In circumstances were this is not achievable (eg legal obstacles) I would relay this with full transparency to branches and members and seek their direction.
  • I would not push forward alternatives to the democratically agreed policy unless grassroots members clearly instructed the need for it.
  • I would vote on issues as members see them.
  • I would respect and work with fellow activists views regardless of faction and/or political persuasion.

This GEC needs new blood that is prepared to work alongside experienced comrades in the interest of providing the direct action the members are clearly asking for. I am prepared to do this.


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